Laura Fleming, Wild Bird Specialist   

From playing in the creek behind my house as a child in Cincinnati, OH to obtaining a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and Management from Michigan State University, I have always been interested and connected to the natural world and its wildlife. I lived in a tipi for 3 years in Michigan, and during this time I met my husband. We moved to Oregon in 1997 and now enjoy living on our 100 wooded acres on Antelope Creek in Eagle Point. I have developed habitat for wild birds in my yard with landscaping, feeders, houses, baths, and ponds, and enjoy a great number and variety of birds. I consider myself a life-long student of birding, finding there is always more to learn and discover. My main focus in life is on conservation of the environment and the promotion of healthy habitats for birds and other wildlife.
I became a "Wild Bird Specialist" at Wild Birds Unlimited in 1999 when the Felker's first owned and operated the Medford store. For the next 15 years, I was the buyer for wild bird supplies for seven farm and garden stores in southern Oregon. When the opportunity to buy my own Wild Birds Unlimited store presented itself, I jumped in with both feet! I look forward to many years ahead helping customers develop and enjoy their own backyard bird habitats.