Do you have Bears in your neighborhood?

Have you ever experienced bear damage at your bird feeders? We live in a rural enough area to have possible bear damage from time to time. Sometimes they just bend down the pole that the feeder is on and eat their fill or maybe take the entire feeder, (I've lost a couple feeders over the years due to bears). Other times they chew on the feeder itself until the seed comes out, (see photo below).   If you are using a pole system to hang your feeders, instead of placing the pole directly into the ground, try placing it in a patio base so if a bear pulls on the pole it just tips over instead of bending and often breaking the pole itself.  I generally recommend bringing your feeders in at night (when most of the bear activity damage is done). I know sometimes this is just inconvenient.  I would also recommend using our Hot Pepper Seed Cylinders to deter mammals (including bears) from eating your bird seed. Only mammals have a sensitivity to pepper being "hot", birds eat this ready with no ill effects. They may taste pepper, but they don't taste or feel the "hot".