All talks are held at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Medford, OR unless otherwise specified. As space is very limited, please come in or call to reserve your seat, 541-772-2107

Thursday, June 10th   5 -6 pm

"Experiencing Wildlife Rehabilitation",  presented by Erin Linton

Come join us for an entertaining evening as Erin talks about her experience as a Wildlife Rehab volunteer.  From the age of 18 yrs. to present day, Erin has been involved with rehabbing wildlife of all kinds.  She will talk about the certification and permits required and why these restrictions exist; why most animals get injured and ways to NOT be a part of the problem;  what to do if you encounter a wild animal in need of help and who to call.  Limited to 10 participants.  Masks are required unless you can show proof of covid vaccination.  Talk will also be broadcast live on facebook.  Call the store to reserve your seat today.


Thursday, August 26th  5 - 6pm

"Birds: A Light-hearted Approach to Learning about Birds, Places to Bird, and Bird Song",   presented by Shannon Rio

 There are a variety of way to learn about birds.  This class takes a playful approach using bird jeopardy questions and guessing some birds by the songs they sing.  We will go on a journey of places to birds: nearby and visiting wildlife refuges within a day's drive.  Lastly, poetry and beautiful photography will be used to look into the world of local birds and we will visit some feeders to see which birds visit.  Come prepared to have fun and definitely no birding knowledge is necessary.  Shannon Rio is the board president of the Klamath Bird Observatory and a wildlife educator.  


Chickadee Chats are informal get togethers to talk about birds.  Learn about a particular species...How do you identify them?  What particular habits does it have?  What is its song?  Where and what does it eat?  In what habitat can you find it?  etc.  Come to share, learn, and have fun with fellow bird nerds! Currently these chats are limited to 6 participants, masks are required unless you can show proof of covid vaccination.  You will need to register for these talks by calling the store or coming in to reserve your seat.

Wednesday, July 21st  5 - 6pm

 Erin Linton will be leading an informal chat about Swallows this month. 

Wednesday, August 18th  5 - 6pm

Erin Linton will be leading an informal chat about Molting and Feathers this month.