Monthly Educational Talks

All talks are held at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Medford, OR unless otherwise specified. As space is very limited, please come in or call to reserve your seat, 541-772-2107


Chickadee Chats

    Calling all “bird nerds”!  Join us for a bi-monthly get together to talk about birds!  We’ll drink some Bird Friendly® coffee or tea, join with fellow birders, and “chat”. We’ll start with a discussion of a current event from Cornell Lab of Ornithology or perhaps a good book we’ve just completed and then go in depth and really learn about a particular species of bird…How to identify it; What particular habits does it have?; What is its song?; Where and what does it eat?; In what habitat can you find it?

Our next Chickadee Chat will be: 


 We will not have a chickadee Chat in December.  Please join us again in January, 2019



Monthly Educational Talk: 

We will not be having an educational talk in December, please join us again in January, 2019


Wednesday, January 16, 2019  6 -7 pm 


presented by Laura Fleming 

Nesting season is just around the corner…are you ready to be a bird landlord?  We will talk about avian architecture, choosing an appropriate nesting box, the different stages of the nesting season, behaviors to watch for, and how to deal with potential predators and problems.