Monthly Educational Talks

All talks are held at the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Medford, OR unless otherwise specified. As space is very limited, please come in or call to reserve your seat, 541-772-2107



Chickadee Chat

    Calling all “bird nerds”!  Join us for a bi-monthly get together to talk about birds!  We’ll drink some Bird Friendly® coffee or tea, join with fellow birders, and “chat”. We’ll start with a discussion of a current event from Cornell Lab of Ornithology or perhaps a good book we’ve just completed and then go in depth and really learn about a particular species of bird…How to identify it; What particular habits does it have?; What is its song?; Where and what does it eat?; In what habitat can you find it?

Our next Chickadee Chat will be on Wednesday, May 9th at 10:30am at the Wild Birds Unlimited store.  May's bird(s) to discuss will be the nectar eaters (Hummingbirds and Orioles).  Come to share, learn and have fun with fellow bird nerds! 

We will repeat this chat on Wednesday, May 23rd at 3:30pm for those who work during the mornings.  A repeat of nectar eaters ( Hummingbirds and Orioles).




May 23, 2018  6:00 - 7:00 pm

presented by Harry Fuller

Harry is back to talk about the Klamath Basin!  He will talk about places for great birding in each season, best viewpoints for your camera's eye, and some of the other animals you might find in the Klamath Basin.  In the Basin you can visit one of the original national wildlife refuges set aside by President Theodore Roosevelt over a century ago.  You won't want to miss this program about the Klamath Basin!  Harry's classes fill up fast so register early for your seat on May 23th.

Harry Fuller is a dedicated birder, an experienced birding trip leader for Klamath Bird Observatory, and author of three natural history books.



June 6, 2018   6:00 - 7:00pm

presented by Gerlinde Smith

Gardening season is upon us!  Come learn how to make your garden better for the birds and other pollinators.  Every gardener can improve the soil to cultivate a healthy biodiversity, attracting a variety of birds and pollinators.   This class will focus on how to sequester atmospheric carbon while improving the health of our soil and planet, included will be the teachings of Native American tribes' spiritual relationship to the land.

Gerlinde Smith was born and raised in Austria.  She has lived and gardened on three continents with a variety of growing zones and soil conditions. Her avocation encompasses nature, the interconnectedness of all lifeforms and how we can apply these principals to gardening practices, creating healthier plants, nurturing all lifeforms (microbial in the soil, plants, insects, birds, and mammals) and thus helping the environment.